Rules for the care of leather and suede shoes

From the date of purchase

Shoes are especially susceptible to interaction with dirt, dust and moisture. Of the entire wardrobe, the most difficult work is the share of shoes, so it is very important to know the rules for the care of leather shoes and look after the shape, color and condition immediately after purchase. Using makeup for shoes, you will save a lot, because proper care and maintenance will extend the life of any leather and suede shoes at times. Even before the first use and after each cleaning, we highly recommend treating any leather and suede shoes with a special tool.

Perfect shoes for a long time. Cosmetics

There are dust and moisture repellent sprays for every taste and any shoe. They vary in material and color, for which they are intended and price. You should not skimp on the market there are several leaders, use them. There are universal remedies, there are individual ones. We recommend having both. For rare color shoes, use a universal remedy, this will save a lot of money, and for primary colors, we recommend with a tinting effect, after each wearing the color will be restored.

There are also many creams for leather shoes that need to be rubbed with a special brush. The choice of care products is yours.

Cleaning after dirt

Leather shoes are usually cleaned with a slightly damp soft cloth and then dried at room temperature. Never dry your shoes over the battery; your skin may change shape. During drying, newspapers can be inserted into shoes that absorb moisture more quickly and maintain their regular, voluminous shape.

Patented shoes need to be cleaned especially gently, the varnish is prone to scratches.

For suede shoes, many special brushes are right for your purpose.
Keep it right, keep the shape

The shoes are always required to be CLEAN because dust and dirt destroy the skin and suede very quickly. Shoe fade, lose their appearance. Fill the inner space tightly with a soft cloth, newspaper or paper, this will straighten the existing folds and prevent new ones from forming during storage.
Using our tips, you will be surprised how shoes can serve for a long time and look cool!